terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2014


Here is shown how erroneous and absurd is the “science” on “global warming or climate changes caused by the CO2”. The text below comes from the true science and not from the erroneous, incomplete and empirical-based “science” and “models” that are not able to show and prove the scientific truth.   

Changes in the water cycle have been understood as consequences of a warmer atmosphere, with statements such as “water vapor increases as the Earth’s atmosphere warms”. However, the water vapor does not increase as the Earth’s atmosphere warms! Increase of temperature does not increase the mass of water in the atmosphere! Heat does not create mass! Mass does not create mass! A warmer air only has the capacity, the potential, for absorbing more water vapor, but this potential is used only if there is addition of mass of water. Even in a warm and wet condition, the atmosphere remains with the previous amount of water vapor if there isn’t direct addition of water vapor. This corresponds to the simplest psychrometric process called “sensible heating”, where the dry bulb temperature increases but since no moist is added the humidity does not increase. If the air temperature alone increased the water vapor, the Sahara would be the most humid place on the planet!  

Such erroneous understanding is accompanied by the erroneous understanding that this potential of absorption corresponds to the evaporation capacity. Erroneous concepts such as “warmer air temperatures evaporate more water” have led to incorrect works, models, conclusions and decisions for the humanity. Among many other things (described in Sartori 1996; 2012), the evaporation depends on the gradient Pw – Pa and the relevant fact is that pressures depend on temperatures and thus the evaporation depends on tw – ta, which means that if ta increases for a same tw, the evaporation decreases. And the water has a thermal inertia 4.2 times greater than the air, and then the air temperature fluctuates more than the water temperature. Therefore, for a considered increase in air temperature the evaporation decreases. This is also shown in Sartori (1996) where we can see that for a same water temperature even with a relatively higher wind velocity, a higher air temperature produces an evaporation lower than that for a lower air temperature. High air temperatures have a strong power in reducing the evaporation, and this factor together with the greenhouse effect created by covering an open evaporator with glass or by covering the atmosphere with clouds also explains why the evaporation has decreased in the last times, not increased. Moreover, in the last 50 years the evaporation has decreased while the precipitation has increased which apparent inconsistency together with such incorrect concepts led to the erroneous “evaporation paradox” and its non-sense “solutions” by Brutsaert-Parlange (1998) and by Roderick-Farquhar (2002), for example. Such erroneous and absurd works led to the present author’s discovery of the New Hydrological Cycle (Sartori 2012). 

Therefore, changes in the water cycle are NOT due to the supposed greenhouse effect or warming by the CO2, but according to direct additions of water vapor, aerosols and heat by certain human activities, as demonstrated in Sartori (2012). For example, if one drop of water is thrown upward, one drop of water will come back. And certain human activities, such as industries, fossil fuel and nuclear power plants have thrown much more than one drop of water upward (in reality, thousands of tons of water every second worldwide) faster than the natural cycles can do and this explains the lots of floods around almost all the globe.

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