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Works show that in the last decades the clouds and the precipitation increased while the evaporation decreased in various parts of the world. Having only the knowledge of the natural hydrological cycle which says that the evaporation is the only water source for the formation of clouds and precipitation, empirical researchers from all over the world did not understand such apparent inconsistency and thus named their own incomprehension as “the evaporation paradox”. Obviously, less water cannot generate more water, because this also violates the first law of conservation of mass and energy.
Some famous empirical authors having only the empirical and erroneous knowledge about the working principles of the nature and of the atmosphere, tried to understand and to solve such issue, but violated this law and without being aware on this. Even so, such authors and their papers published in the so called “respected” journals such as “Nature” and “Science”, for example, received lots of tributes and prizes from around the world, for having solved absolutely nothing, totally erroneous and with no physical meaning! This also proves that all the world is totally empirical (without theoretical knowledge) in this area, applies a pseudoscience and goes in the wave of any insanity published in such (and in others) journals without notion from the corresponding cluster. Since this issue and this cluster are the same of the issue and cluster of the so called global warming, we verify that the science of the global warming is also a pseudoscience (and I have lots of scientific proofs about this).
And it was due to the enormous scientific weakness by such cluster that I discovered the New Hydrological Cycle, in a few seconds. Since less water cannot really generate more water, then it must have another source of water beyond the evaporation and the sublimation of glaciers (the sublimation was never considered for the water cycle) for the atmosphere to be generating more clouds and more precipitation. But, then, which can be the source? It can be only from certain human activities! Humans created certain technologies and activities for their survival and development, but which ones have interfered on the natural cycles and thus on the climate, but not as the pseudoscience of the “global” warming of the CO2 as said to us up to now.          

The IPCC and its cluster of the “global” warming think that the CO2 is the cause of all climatic evils of the planet (risible!) and say that the water vapor does not have anthropogenic cause. Very regrettable! The IPCC considers that 99.99% of the water vapor have natural origin and thus no one deindustrialization could change the amount of this gas in the atmosphere. Totally erroneous! Such IPCC statement clearly identifies the total lack of theoretical knowledge by such cluster. And the issue is not to change completely, but modify something partially. The problem is that the IPCC and its cluster see only the greenhouse effect, the CO2 and the corresponding radiation, but do not know the rest. The atmosphere is not a monolithic block where only one factor at one side can be the cause of all of the phenomena and consequences at the other side. On the contrary, the atmosphere is gaseous which physical processes have multiple causes, variations and consequences. And the heats emitted by certain human sources also cause atmospheric instability, and storms, tornadoes and hurricanes happen only when the atmosphere is unstable.

The evaporation has not been the only source for the formation of clouds and precipitation due to the following reasons: a) the emissions by fossil fuel power plants, industries, vehicles, wildfires, etc, contain tons of water vapor and of aerosols and this intensifies the formation of clouds, because these are formed by condensed water vapor that aggregates around microscopic particles of dust, pollution, forests, biologic, marines, etc, forming the cloud condensation nuclei. So, these fine particles rise and then come down together with the precipitation and I call this cycle as “the dust cycle”; b) the lots of tons of gases emitted to the atmosphere by these sources built by humans are released with very high temperatures and then the air dew point temperature is reached more frequently and thus more water vapor is condensed in less time and more clouds and rain are formed faster and more irregularly around the planet; c) these tons of water vapor emitted by the above mentioned human sources plus those by the nuclear plants, when make contact with cool layers of the atmosphere, condense and more clouds and precipitation are formed. This vapor also increases the air humidity.

These causes explain why the clouds, the precipitation, the humidity and the floods have increased at almost all the world. Only one fossil fuel power plant of 600 MW throws into the air more than 50 millions of liters of water per day and one nuclear power plant throws about 70% more water into the air than a fossil fuel power plant. A work of 2006 shows that the 20th Century became more humid, and a work of 2005 shows that almost all the planet became more humid in the last decades. Besides other reasons given in the scientific articles by the present author published in 2012 and 2015, these causes also explain why the evaporation has decreased. With more clouds over the planet generated by human beings, the greenhouse effect caused by a great cloud cover reduces the wind (another discovery of mine) and this one reduces the evaporation even more as well as less heat is removed and thus the internal energy of the system increases and then the air temperature also increases and the environment becomes warm and airless.          

The New Hydrological Cycle also explains why can have more droughts. The effects of aerosols in the clouds are twofold: a) they can generate more clouds, as explained above; b) they can also generate fewer clouds, less precipitation and more droughts when the cloud saturation limits for particles are reached. At vast industrialized regions, at dry regions, at great and dry agricultural fields, with wildfires, for example, the solid particles in excess cannot meet sufficient water vapor for the formation of clouds and thus they can accumulate in the atmosphere during a certain time creating a “solid” barrier or cover. And it is well known that the particles travel through countries and continents. For example, an article showed that the pollution matter from China lasts 5 days to arrive to the Arctic.     

That is, these factors from certain human activities are just those that generate clouds, precipitation, floods and droughts and affect the natural cycles including the hydrological one.

Figure 1 shows a recent image of the Earth almost completely covered by clouds. We can see that the planet is really very cloudy. This image also confirms the discoveries by numerous works that experimentally verified the great cloudiness of numerous places of the planet associated with the reduction of the wind and increases of local air temperatures (works described in the papers of 2012 and 2015).   

 Fig. 1 – NOAA/NASA satellite image about 36,000 km from the Earth on January 15, 2017.

A recent report from the United Nations reveals that between 1995 and 2015, 2.3 billion people were affected by floods, which number corresponds to 56% of all the people affected by disasters in relation to the climate – considerably more than any other type of climatic disaster. The report also says that between 1995 and 2015 happened 3,062 floods, which corresponds to 47% of all climatic disasters and to 43% of all natural disasters combined, including earthquakes and volcanoes. Droughts corresponded to 26% and 1.1 billion people; storms to 16% and 660 million people; extreme temperatures to 2% and 94 million people; land sliding and wildfires to 8 million people. The report also alerts to an alarming trend of floods affecting increasing areas and becoming more severe. According to the report, the floods have affected Asia and Africa more than any other continent and put an increasing danger to other places. In South America, for example, 560,000 people were affected by floods in average on each year between 1995 and 2004. In the following decade, 2005–2014, this number increased to 2.2 million people, an increase of almost 4 times. In the first 8 months of 2015, other 820,000 people were affected by floods in the region. In the last months of 2015, rivers that overflowed forced about 100,000 people to leave their homes in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.           

All of these real data are more than proof and confirmation of the New Hydrological Cycle, which takes into account the participation of human activities in the increase of the mass of water thrown into the air and returned to the ground. This also proves the Sartori theory that demonstrates the true working principles of the atmosphere and dismantles the absurd insanities by the pseudoscience of the so called global warming caused by the CO2. The new water cycle is working! There is no other physical explanation for the fact of having more water, faster and more irregularly coming back than to have more water, faster and more irregularly going up. Remembering that the belief of the pseudoscience of the climate of the CO2 and its greenhouse effect to justify the increase of floods on the planet, is totally erroneous, absurd and scientifically ingenuous, because temperature does not create water nor any other thing creates water. Only more water up brings more water down!       

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