domingo, 25 de fevereiro de 2018


A few days ago a website from a journal of the “global” warming folks published an article, in which these people say, as always, that a warmer atmosphere holds more water vapor and then this is why more floods happen. Thus, these folks want to say that temperature creates water. Yes, a warmer air holds more water vapor, but it holds more mass of water only if there is more mass of water vapor besides the fact that temperature does not create water as well as no other thing creates water! And a warmer atmosphere does not lead to more evaporation, because higher air temperatures DECREASE evaporation, contrary to what the “global” warming “science” thinks and states. The theory and science of these people are extremely weak even in basic issues and all of this published in their famous journals. And these people also see only the natural hydrological cycle e don’t see that more fossil fuel and nuclear power plants, industries, vehicles, etc, throw into the air millions of tons of water vapor in every instant around the world and all of this huge amount of water must come back and comes back irregularly in amount and in spatial and temporal distribution, as the New Hydrological Cycle, discovered by me, demonstrates. Thus, I added the following comment on that website:      

“A very funny science

Your “science” on “global” warming says that higher air temperatures create water and this creates floods. Then, in this case, the Sahara is the most humid place in the world, isn’t it? Very funny! Since this concept is one of your most fundamental support and “dogmas” and it is completely erroneous, all the “global” warming ideology does not sustain. Only the New Hydrological Cycle, discovered by me, explains why have had more floods and also more droughts (not for 2100) in many parts of the world. Read the papers “The Physical Principles Elucidate Numerous Atmospheric Behaviors” and “Climate Changes: How the Atmosphere Really Works” to learn the correct physical principles of the planet’s behavior and much more.  The completely empirical knowledge of your “science” would never discover the new water cycle and the true atmospheric behavior. Continue on your way and with your own consensus, arrogance and mafia organization to continue damaging the world and the humanity”.