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The New Hydrological Cycle, discovered by me, essentially represents the direct influence of certain human activities on the natural water cycle and thus on the climate.  

These and other human interferences on the climate do not happen by the way that the “science” of the “global warming caused by the CO2” thinks and commands the humankind destinies. Such group of people thinks that the carbon dioxide is responsible for bad climates and bad behaviors of the atmosphere such as global warming with negligible temperatures of 1,5 °C or 2,0 °C, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, etc. Ridiculous! No one gas has power or physical properties to cause all of this. Every atmospheric event or behavior has its own causes and effects, different from one another and everything is explained by the physics, a thing that the pseudoscience is not able to do.       

And because such “science” has a theoretical background extremely limited and weak, it would never discover the New Hydrological Cycle and other issues of the atmosphere and planet behaviors.

Up to now, all the literature and understanding by the entire world says that evaporation is the only source of water for the formation of clouds and rain. Thus, equating this we have the natural water cycle as it became understood:   

Precipitation = Evaporation                                                            (1)

However, we need only to verify the constitution and the physics of the planet to find immediately a basic error on such understanding and statement: the sublimation from the glaciers to the air was not included. Such addition of water vapor in the atmosphere is not negligible and at least it had to be included in the theoretical considerations, but this was never done. Therefore, equation (1) should be written as

Precipitation = Evaporation + Sublimation                                    (2)

But the New Hydrological Cycle does not refer to this correction.

The New Hydrological Cycle refers to the fact that if I throw a drop of water into the air, a drop of water will come back and then equation (2) becomes

Precipitation = Evaporation + Sublimation + One drop                 (3)     

that is, it is clear that certain human activities can yes interfere and modify the natural water cycle as well as other natural cycles and, thus, to change the climate. Obviously, one drop does not change anything, but, only to give an example, the consumption of water by one coal fossil fuel power plant of 600 MW is about 3.5 l/MWh or 35,000 l/min or more than 50 million liters of water per day.

These data also show that this is the amount of water that only one power plant withdraws from rivers and lakes and thus dry them. And these values do not include the amount of water used for refrigeration of the systems that is “recycled”. Imagine how much water all of these power plants throw into the air around the world in every instant. And a nuclear power plant throws about 70 % more water than a fossil fuel power plant. Add to these values the amount of water that the millions or billions of industries, vehicles, irrigations, forest fires, burnings, etc, throw into the air every instant around the world. It is obvious that the natural water cycle and other natural cycles are no longer the same. All of this needed to be identified and clarified, but the “science” on global warming and the hydrology were not able to do.
Therefore, there is more water, more heat and more particles in the air in less time for the formation of more clouds, more rain, more floods, more droughts, and more interference on the climate more rapid and more irregular in amounts, times and spaces than the natural cycles can do, thus altering the natural climates. Clouds are not formed only by water, but by water, aerosols and heat, just the ingredients that the human activities cited above throw into the air.

The pseudoscience does not see such interferences and disappears with this entire and enormous amount of water, aerosols and heat and their effects inserted into the air directly by certain human activities.

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