quarta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2015


I am going to start commenting on the dogmas or pillars of the pseudo-science on “global” warming or “climate changes caused by the CO2” that were overthrown by the articles “Climate Changes: How the Atmosphere Really Works” (2015) and “The Physical Principles Elucidate Numerous Atmospheric Behaviors and Human-Induced Climatic Consequences” (2012).  

For such group of empiricist researchers, the air temperature and all the rest of climatic changes have increased homogeneously and globally due to the increased emissions of CO2 and of other gases. And, according to them, only the solar/thermal radiation takes place and modifies the air temperature and the climate.  

First of all, I will do a parenthesis to say that simple temperature changes of the order of 2 ºC and for 2100, as they state, do not have power to cause any catastrophe, since such magnitude corresponds to simple variations of daily temperatures in micro-climates and such variations are natural and cause nothing besides simple and common temperature changes with their simple and common warming/cooling processes. And such guys are already saying that many and tremendous catastrophes have already happened due to a supposed increase of mere 0.8 ºC in relation to the temperatures of the 20th Century. First, they cannot guarantee that such increase is real and that it is by indirect action by human beings (greenhouse effect caused by the CO2) due to various reasons including well-known frauds and manipulations (e.g., Climategate, “hockey stick”, NASAGATE).

Moreover, they give no one scientific explanation with the use of physical principles on the reasons why only 0.8 ºC is able to cause so many and strong things, they only say and prove nothing. This is not science! Even so, their journals continue publishing everything that the defenders of the “global” warming “caused by the CO2” want, once the authors simply make the link between anything and the CO2. Furthermore, the IPCC AR4 of 2007 states that the temperature for 2100 will increase up to 6.4 ºC, but now that people say that such increase will be of 2 ºC. Then, we ask: has the planet cooled or are their forecasts wrong? Obviously, their “models”, “science”, statements and thoughts are wrong!              

I will start by the radiation. Their greenhouse effect is represented by a layer of CO2 surrounding the Earth and where only the radiation influences the air temperature and other climate changes. Their greenhouse effect is also represented by a common greenhouse without water. 

They also show not to know that the atmosphere works according to heat and mass balances. Thus, for them the solar radiation S is the only energy source for the Earth’s surface and the thermal radiation qr emitted back is the only energy released by this surface and the air temperature would be a consequence of such heat balance. So, 

S = qr                                                       (1)

However, this way to consider what influences the air temperature is totally wrong because not only the solar/thermal radiation takes place, but also other heat transfer modes and other components and parameters. The heat losses (or emissions) from the Earth’s surface do not happen solely by radiation, but also by evaporation qe (which is the greatest parcel!), qc by convection and qk by conduction to the ground. Thus,

S = qe + qr + qc + qk                               (2)

As we can see, other heat transfer modes besides the radiation affect the processes of heating/cooling of the atmosphere and consequently the air temperature, that is, eq. (1) is totally wrong and as the result the air temperature also becomes erroneous. If a student, after having studied the corresponding subject, referred to eq. (1) as the correct one for the case (also influenced by the empirical science), he/she would receive a zero.      

To illustrate, let’s see a numerical example. So, if we take any value for the solar radiation, let’s say S = 700 W/m2, the summation of the energy lost by the surface to the air and to the soil must be equal to 700 W/m2 (in steady state, to simplify). Thus, if we have, for example,  

                                           700 = 400 + 175 + 124 + 1

                                                              700 = 700

The proportions above are approximate and were adopted according to known theoretical-experimental data and where we can see that the radiation is not the greater part and is much smaller than the released energy by evaporation. And if only the radiation was considered the energy balance would not match and the resulting air temperature would become erroneous, as we can see through eq. (1). For the pseudo-science the above count gives 700 = 175. Furthermore, that group eliminates the water vapor from the atmosphere as a contributor for the influence on the air temperature, thus, how could eq. (1) and the air temperature be correct for them?     

Therefore, values of the air temperature cannot be determined only by changing the levels of the CO2 and of the corresponding radiation, as they state and make the “hockey stick”. Since the air temperature depends on a series of factors and parameters, there aren’t scientific reasons that connect the temperature only with the CO2, also because this gas does not have any special power to command the temperature and the climate, as demonstrated in Sartori (2015). There is no one reason that justifies that the variations of temperature must follow up the variations of CO2. Therefore, the “hockey stick” is empiricism, a scientific ignorance and a fraud made by such pseudoscience. The atmosphere does not work only with radiation and CO2! So easy!

Moreover, to consider only the radiation in this process violates the Law of conservation of energy (nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed), which concept was discovered by Lomonosov 14 years before Lavoisier. This law represents the fundamental behavior of the nature, and then everything that comes from such violation becomes erroneous and an irrationality. It is with the true science that we unmask scientifically and ethically that kind of group that protects itself. So, being the “hockey stick” overthrown, their “empire” is also dethroned!

And by these demonstrations we can clearly see how erroneous and absurd are their pseudoscience and “models”, and even so such group wants to determine the destinies of the world. The science and the humanity cannot be leaded irresponsibly.